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About us

We are an adaptable timber frame construction – team, consisting of trained professionals; i.e. carpenters, joiners and timber construction technicians.

Founder and business manager of the ecowood construction is Joachim Leibl, qualified carpenter and an accredited timber construction engineer, who has already completed 20 years in his profession. 
In the 80’s, he and his colleagues were working on a self employed basis in Germany, with two timber frame construction companies (a carpenters/joiners) and at that time their main focus already lay in ecologically sustainable methods of construction.

We have now been active in the Algarve since 2002, and here also, we have taken it on ourselves to build and manufacture to ecologically sustainable standards. 

In so doing it is important to us to take into consideration the specific wishes of our customers, to implement the particular construction projects in harmony with nature, the environment and the individual circumstances. 
There is a special challenge in adapting the traditional timber frame construction to Portuguese conditions. Suitable timber protection and surfaces play an essential role in this. 
To create a pleasant climate for living during the extreme summer or winter conditions the main focus of our work lies in high quality installation.

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Our Philosphy

When it comes to the planning and setting up of living rooms or work rooms it is always about people’s living space. 
At the same time people’s living space is always linked to their dreams in life. We help shape their dreams for feeling good.

With our methods of construction we try to bring the particular building projects into harmony with nature and the environment. 
Ecological timber frame construction takes into consideration the health of our customers. We establish long lasting use for people with a high degree of safety and stability.

Our quality relates to the quality of life of our customers. Our own demands on product and service quality are derived from this. We do not labour simply to make walls and roofs. We do this, so that our customers get more joy and quality out of life.

Our customers feel the joy and enthusiasm with which we bring their projects to fruition. 
“Build with love” so runs our philosophy for shaping people’s dreams for feeling good.

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