Together with the specialist in staircases you can design the optimal ground plan for your staircase, according to your own requirements.

To this, belongs the shape of the staircase, the width of the steps, as well as the gradient ratio.

In Germany the minimal width for residential staircases is 80cms.

The number of steps depends on the pre determined height of the storey. Mostly it is 14 to 16 steps (including the last step).

Remember: with the stair plan you determine how comfortably and securely you move between the individual floor levels.

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Measurements and Minimum Requirements

"A necessary staircase"

A “necessary staircase” is one which leads to common rooms, that is living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and workrooms.

The stairs to these rooms serve especially as emergency and escape routes in case of fire. For that reason the legally required minimum conditions have to be met unconditionally.

An extra staircase

An extra staircase if there already is a staircase in a residential building meeting the necessary minimum criteria, the individual residential levels may also be linked by way of a small staircase.

Steep mini or samba stairs are very space saving staircases but also more difficult to negotiate than a normal residential staircase. For that reason they are only allowed for gaining access to a floor with store rooms such as an attic.

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Types of Stairs

Staircases with landings

give the appearance of spaciousness and create an open atmosphere.

Quarter Spiral Staircases

are a combination of straight and spiral stairs, are adaptable in the planning, save space and offer many design options.

Half Spiral Staircases

save space and are easy to use.

Spindle Staircases

the advantage of spindle stairs lies in their design diversity and their versatility in construction.

Straight staircases

are simple and clear constructions which are particularly effective in generous sized rooms.

Curved staircases and Polygon staircases

presuppose good planning and skilled craftsmanship, and are particularly suitable where a lot of space can be included for an impressive design.