Renovation and Conservation Protection



Do you recognize the following situations?

The rain is coming in because the roof is defective or has been badly installed and already the problems are beginning:

Mould on the walls, ugly stains or even the destruction of the load bearing roof structure (spars, boards) as a result.

All this should be avoided, to prevent any harmful effects to your health.


It is simply too hot in summer due to insufficient or missing insulation..


Simple measures taken in your building project can often have a huge effect. Whether these are design or heat insulation issues.

A modernisation is at the same time an ecological renovation, that is the building gets a face lift, but includes other advantages with it, as for example:

Reduction of energy costs,

An increase in living comforts and finally

An increase in the value of the building


Renewing the Roof Trusses

The renovation or repair of old roof trusses, particularly in our latitudes, is often a rewarding and at times also necessary measure.

A new roof truss with a high quality insulation will help you to save energy and increase your living comfort.

Through the use of natural raw materials, which are effective in regulating humidity and warmth, you will improve your living atmosphere and, because of that, live more healthily.


Whatever your problem –

we will take time to advise you and discuss with you the necessary steps and building measures to take.