Project Planning

“How do I do what?”

“When do I do what?”

“Which official papers do I need?” 

"How do I go about it?"



In case you haven’t employed an architect or planner, we will be pleased to pass on, or advise, from our own experiences, which documents you need, and which measures you have to take for your project.
Likewise we will supply you with certificates. We build fundamentally on a basis that is legal, officially sanctioned and approved. We establish building schedules and timetables with reference to architects and those craftsmen involved.

Suggestions for solutions

Together with you we like to work out the best solutions for your building project, and those which are most appropriate. This way we combine your ideas and our experience in the best possible way. Through this approach any possible uncertainties and misunderstandings can be minimized, if not even avoided altogether, in advance.



Before the start of construction we provide you with a plan of the work to be done and a schedule, as accurate as possible, to enable you and any others participating in the building work, to be able to plan and organize ahead.
Additionally, certain materials such as timber and materials for fixing have to be ordered in advance.


We prepare draft sketches from hand drawings to CAD (Computer Aided Design i.e. computer drawing) in order to give you a better impression of how the construction can look at the end, before the construction begins.
This way it is possible to avoid any aesthetic and static erroneous decisions from arising.


Construction Schedule

With larger construction projects we can create a detailed construction schedule, on your request that is, a table from which it becomes evident when a particular part of the work can be done and how much time is required.
This enables you, before the beginning of the construction, to estimate and plan ahead, when you can be using the construction (whether moving in, renting out, or selling)

Building Site Organisation and Coordination

As far as we are able, we take care to provide a smooth transition and co ordination between the craftsmen and jobs done on site, (carpenters, bricklayers, roofers, plumbers, electricians etc).from our experience of collaborating with other craftsmen we can offer recommendations and alterations. This co ordination is important for a transition which is as free as possible of interruptions.


Material Procurement, Delivery and Assembly

Since we are working with the latest technology, we try to introduce and apply it (metal fittings, seals, insulation), where possible.
These materials are often not to be sourced in Portugal or, if so, only with great difficulty.
For that reason we order direct from Germany, and have everything delivered within a few days, whether it is screws, metal fittings for furniture, the latest fasteners, windows, adhesive strips, tools etc.
This way we are not dependent on middle men.

Calculations relating to Static Equilibrium and Test Certificates

For example TUV and GU Technical approvals which serve as a stamp of quality and of eco approval!
We only use materials which have been tested to EU norms, and have been TUV tested (German Technical Inspection) and/or the DIN standards.
You can view these certificates on request.
Furthermore we work together with a state approved structural engineering office in Germany that can issue on your request, or in difficult construction situations (eg. weight bearing construction) a calculation of its static equilibrium that has been checked as an additional safety measure (as proof of its structural strength).
This service is not provided free of charge of course, but it is often worthwhile.