Summer Houses/Car Ports/Conservatories

Summer Houses

Do you want to give your garden a new look?

Do you want a stress free, natural area to rest in or simply a cosy meeting place for family and friends?

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Car Ports and Shaded Areas

Have you decided to protect your car from the effects of the weather?

No matter whether it rains or shines, should your car retain its value?

A car port guarantees exactly this protection and allows you to keep your car protected, dry and clean, in both summer and winter.

We can take into consideration your quite individual requirements with various designs, sizes and structures of roofs.

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Terraces and Conservatories

Would you like an extra room in your house, or would you also like to sit on the terrace when the weather is bad?

With individual shelters over your, or with a conservatory, we can help you to fulfill your wishes!

An open structure protects you from the rain and excessive insolation whilst still giving you the feeling of sitting outdoors in the open air.

Side walls and balustrades give you more private areas, give you privacy from nosey neighbours and give you the feeling of having gained an extra room.

Wherever you set your personal priorities, we will make them possible!

With covered terraces you will increase your quality of living. Without great expense, you can extend your home with a fine space where you can sit and eat or drink coffee with your friends or family.

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