Roof Structures

Protection and Aesthetics

Only the roof makes the house habitable.
It gives protection and security and in addition gives the house its appearance.
Scarcely any other building element has such a decisive effect on a house as its roof.


There are several criteria which are crucial in the roof’s appearance:

The shape of the roof or the combination of roof shapes
The slope of the roof
The projection of the roof
The roof construction and installation
Cornices and projections
Material, surface and colour of the roof covering


Gable End Roof

Two roof surfaces sloping against each other form thegable end roof - a timeless and proven construction, which permits many variations, for example different roof slopes and heights of eaves.


Single Slope Roof

Originally used as a roof structure for a simple construction.Single slope roofwith its clear lines and wealth of variation has secured its place in modern architecture.


Hipped Roof

With thehipped roof even the gable ends have lower roof surfaces.

Roof Covering

A house can have either a sloping or a flat roof.

With flat roofs the roof cover can consist of either gravel or a purpose built roof with grass.

For sloping roofs there are a multitude of surface materials.

The most frequently used are stones of concrete and clay tiles but also metal, slate, reeds or grass are possibilities for the roof.