Constructions in Bamboo

Bamboo is a fascinating building material, constructions in bamboo have a natural aura, which is not achievable with other materials.

It brings together nearly all positive qualities:

It is good value, eco friendly, extremely stable, and earthquake proof!

In size, lightness and strength, bamboo is an extreme product of nature. As a building material its qualities correspond to a high tech material:

It is very strong, but thanks to its cavities extremely light and elastic, it is strengthened through the partion walls and has physical properties, which in part are far superior to wood, cement or steel. Whilst wood has a hard core and gets softer on the outside, bamboos are hard on the outside and soft inside in a much more stable construction.

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Guadua as a building material

Bamboo Guadua angustifolia has in comparison to other kinds of bamboo special qualities:

Guadua grows very straight and only faintly conical, and its diameter barely decreases from the ground level.

Furthermore it has a big crosssection, that is, its diameter and wall strength are relatively high. A further advantage is that it is not very prone to cracking. A fact typical of all types of bamboo.

Professionally traded, Guadua bamboos are sorted, pre treated and dried in a controlled way. With a costly application of pesticides the cultivated surfaces are protected, as a rule, against any infestation of woodworm or they are dipped in large baths of borax before being processed.(siehe

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Guadua Angustifolia is the most used type of bamboo in South America.

The stalks are used predominantly in the building of houses and bridges, but are also used in scaffolding as support posts and roof girders.

In addition they are suitable for the construction of furniture and for the production of parquet flooring and paper.

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